Weekend Review – Week 2

On a positive note for the weekend we’re off the mark on our 15-1, with the first bet “safely” in the bag. Expectations for Arsenal to be comfortable winners, emphasised by Uncle Bernstein and Dr Zoidberg’s individual picks, didn’t materialise and in the end Arsenal were probably fortunate to come out with all three points, especially after a fairly inept first half. However as any cricketer knows, “the scorebook never lies and it doesn’t matter how you got there,” and we certainly won’t be worrying about the manner of the victory.

Individually, after a bumper last weekend, we favoured pretty poorly. Dr Zoidberg had a couple of even money home wins and picked Everton at Upton Park that saw him make a return, but THTP and Old Uncle were unfortunately in the red. In a tricky weekend that did see a number of tight games Uncle Bernstein had spread the field with a number of draws, however each game was settled by a one goal margin and the results could easily have gone his way. THTP was cost by a combination of poor finishing from Tottenham and good defending from Stoke. A Spurs goal would have seen him make a return and all in all that capped an early Christmas present for the bookies. Despite that a huge array of sport on Boxing Day see’s the next opportunity only a couple of days away and we will be scouring the games for some good picks to get us back on track.

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