Week 4 Review

The games have come thick and fast over the last 8 days and tomorrow we’ve another full spread of fixtures to have a look at. It’s hard to anticipate how teams will react to so many games in a short space of time, some seem to be revelling in the good form they find themselves in and others could clearly do with more time on the training pitch or rest for some of their key players. QPR and Aston Villa are the most notable of those who’ll wave the festive period by, with a bit of relief that it’s all over and gear up for the January transfer window, which might offer something of a change-up, with some new faces to freshen their squad.  

In terms of our performance, we were of course bitterly disappointed that our 15-1 didn’t come in, particularly as (in terms of odds) it was relatively cautious. The defensive omission of Cameron and Shawcross through suspension clearly had a major impact as all three Southampton goals were taken with apprehension and misunderstanding at the back from Stoke, something that they haven’t shown all season. There were chances to salvage the result for us in the seven minutes of injury time, but it wouldn’t have been deserved based on their first half performance.

Individually the Stoke game cost all three of our pundits a combined stake of 65 Pts, which then proved quite difficult to make a positive return on the weekend. Uncle Bernstein was again unlucky with a draw in the match odds and a draw/draw in the half-time/full-time markets, as both games he picked were settled by a one goal margin. Nikica Jelavic definitely won’t be on the Christmas card list for next year after missing a decent chance in injury time to level things up. On a positive note for the Old Uncle he could rest easy after just 28 minutes of the QPR match, as the away side smashed three goals with QPR looking like a rabbit in headlights.

Dr.Zoidberg managed a small return thanks to a couple of edgy wins from Tottenham and Reading. The latter game was a pretty dire affair, summarised by Ricardo Vaz Te’s awful miss at the death which sealed Reading’s second win and some spending money for the Dr on NYE.    

THTP is loving the darts at Alley Palley. He went before Christmas, galloping around the arena dressed as a Bavarian horse and I’d say he had his wits about him for a bit of value betting. A comfortable 15 to 11 180’s for Van Gerwen saw him score two out of two on Darts based betting. I’m sure he’ll have something to say on the final and I’m going to be off down the bookmaker to follow him in!

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