Week 9 Review

You couldn’t make it up. Luton Town became the first non-league team to knock a top-flight side out of the FA Cup since 1989 on Saturday and in doing so robbed us of our first consecutive win in our quest to make it to 25 in a row, and £1m. We seem a little cursed in our 25-1 picks at the moment (Everton ending a 19 game scoring streak after we backed them the other week, Arsenal fluffing their lines on the South Coast and now the biggest Cupset for over 20 years…) In any event, and if it’s possible, I like Norwich even less than normal this morning – they were limp, unsure of themselves and deserved very little out of the game. Useless. Luckily/unluckily it’s straight back on the horse for us and our 25-1 quest…with a full schedule of Premier League games over Tues and Weds – allowing us our first ‘Mid-Week Special’ (with you shortly).

All in all it was a great day for the bookies, annoyingly. Middlesbrough just edged past Aldershot, while the two teams I was almost most confident about (Liverpool and Chelsea) both fell foul to hugely spirited displays by League 1 oppo. I honestly thought my acca was in the bag after Boro’s late show…but therein lies to problem with even small accumulators!

Elsewhere it was another fairly mixed weekend for the team. Uncle Bernie was 5mins away from sneaking into overall profit – before Pablo Zabaleta popped up and ruined his draw bets, while India did exactly what Dr. Z was worried about…and rolled over to a Bell inspired England. I was pleased to win both my bankers, as Djokovic turned on the boosters to beat a blistered Andy Murray and with Everton finally reading the script and beating a determined Bolton (a result which also saw a nice 24.5 point profit for Dr. Zoidberg). Other positives included another good goals bet for Uncle B in the Man U/Fulham game, while I was glad to see Arsenals’ defensive frailty ensure a 5 goal thriller at the Amex.

Disappointingly though, there is no escaping the fact that all 3 pundits remain in the red after 9 rounds of betting advice. I think it’s fair to say we were expecting to do better at this stage, but we remain determined to turn it around. Our aim is to provide relevant bets on the weekend’s bigger sporting events…and we will keep working hard to try and make sure we can offer you a well-informed opinion on what’s coming up. Maybe the slightly more predictable, and typically ‘binary’ 6 Nations (starting this weekend), will provide the fillip we need. Cue 5 x draws then….





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