Week 11 Review

Finally. We all got our bankers right! It was getting embarrassing. It seems that staying away from Fulham, Norwich and Everton was the key…altho Dr. Z will be rather thankful that Stoke eventually came good for him. A lesson for perseverance it would seem.

The prose that accompanied these week’s bankers was also surprisingly accurate…with Dr. Z predicting that Stoke would just about have enough to deal with a late Reading rally (which duly accompanied Adrian Mariappa’s 83rd minute goal), while Uncle Bernstein’s prediction that the Saints would ‘score a few of their own’ proved rather prophetic – much to Mancini’s disgust. I meanwhile got lucky with a Wigan goal at Stamford Bridge, altho in truth I had plenty to spare as Chels went to town – even without Juan Mata!

Our value bets were slightly more of a mixed bag…Dr. Z had a shocker, with none of his 5 bets coming in (albeit rather unlucky to see zero run-outs in a 20:20 game for what must be the first time ever!). Uncle B was also a little unfortunate to see Scotland post their record ever points margin victory in the 6 nations, while Liverpool’s blow-up at home to West Brom took everyone by surprise. For me, I was fortunate (but sad) to see ex-Blue Jordan Rhodes make it 7 in 7 for his new club Blackburn (via the dubious goals committee), and pleased to see Norwich and Fulham continue their miserable goal scoring form. The rain, and a catalogue of Irish errors saw England win a 6 nations game in Ireland for the first time in 10yrs (which I was secretly quite pleased about!), while I couldn’t have got my conviction double more wrong!

So sadly, all three of us remain in the red in terms of total % return. Something we are all desperate to reverse! We’ll have another chance this weekend, when we’ll also be bringing you the next leg of the route to £1m! Look out of for Darren Fletcher’s number 24 jersey – hopefully it’s the last time we’ll need it!


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