Week 12 Review

FA Cup weekends are never easy opportunities for a good return. You know there’ll be a cupset somewhere, but where?! On the back of this uncertainty our pundits and hence our 25-1 veered away from the oldest association football competition in the world and stuck to the ins and outs of Championship and Premiership football. It proved to be a shrewd decision, as all three bankers and our second 25-1 bet came home.

Cardiff always looked too short at home to lowly Bristol City and with the new acquisition of Frazier Campbell paying dividends they’re going to have enough to win the lead with plenty of games to spare. The final 30 seconds weren’t without nerves after Ben Nugent showed what not to do in and around your own area, whilst protecting a two goal lead, but it was a minor wobble in an otherwise confident showing. We’re up to £61.92 and with 23 to go, we’re keen to get our next up and running as soon as possible with a bit of midweek Champions League action.

In terms of our pundits, there was some cross over with the Cardiff game, which was testament to the conviction that odds of 1.57 really were the value for the weekend. THTP also tipped Hull and a tasty double through Man City and Chelsea’s comfortable wins. Uncle Bernstein, enjoyed the same success on his banker, but fell foul of that elusive Cupset, as Oldham grabbed a late equaliser against Everton. Dr. Zoidberg was particularly unadventurous this week, putting all his proverbial eggs into Liverpool’s basket, but it proved to be the right basket, as the reds routed a weakened Swansea side to put him well in the black.

All in all a solid weekend with good return on our strongest convictions. Make sure you don’t miss our midweek special for number 23 – who else but DB!


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